Moral Politics

I personally support some humanitarian nongovernmental organisations. The organisations mentioned below do particularly valuable work in a morally efficient way. (Personal and political support for efficient moral projects is in line with my theory about moral obligations and moral progress, as it is published, for the time being only as an outline, in my book “The Greenhouse” (B3, pp. 93-95).) Of course, there are many other worthy organisations, which merit to be supported too. However, it is important to begin somewhere, with commitment and in a morally efficient manner. I ask that you do so as well and consider supporting  the work of organisations e.g. like those listed below.

According to what I have developed in the deontic part of my normative ethics, to support organisations like these is important to help people most in need, to raise there well-being and thereby, from more abstract point of view, to morally improve the world. Moral progress consists in enlarging this kind of activity. Therefore

Stiftung Kinderzukunft (“Foundation children’s future”)

Stiftung Kinderzukunft [Link:], literally “Foundation for Children’s Futures”, is devoted to helping needy children. Along with smaller scale projects such as serving nourishing breakfasts to poor children in the neighbourhood of their main project sites, the foundation’s primary goal is to provide homes for children in its dedicated children’s villages (in Guatemala, Rumania and Bosnia-Herzegovina) and access to education that will enable them to live independently as adults.

Christoffel-Blindenmission, CBM (“Christoffel Mission for the Blind”)

Christoffel-Blindenmission [Link:] is an international Christian organisation for development aid. Its primary goals are to improve the quality of life of the disabled poor (or of people in danger to be disabled), to enable them to live independently as respected and productive members of society. The organisation devotes special attention to  the  blind, the visually impaired (the Christoffel-Blindenmission has already helped millions of people by providing refractive cataract surgery to restore sight), the deaf and those with orthopaedic handicaps.

PrimaKlima – weltweit e.V. (“Good Climate Worldwide Association”)

PrimaKlima – weltweit e.V. [Link:] is an organisation engaged in afforestation to absorb carbon dioxide as compensation for unsustainable emissions of this gas (its webpage provides technical information about carbon dioxide compensation). Conducting ”business as usual” with respect to the threatening climate change will lead do disasters, with millions of deaths every year in the second half of this century (cf. my book “The Greenhouse” (B3, pp. 23-26)). Up to now, climate politics has not brought us very far and has to be pushed among others by private efforts to curb greenhouse gas net emissions to sustainable levels. Everbody can do this by reducing his / her our own gross emissions (with thermal insulation of our homes for example), or – when this is unfeasible for monetary or other reasons – by financing emission reductions of other people who otherwise were unable to do so or by binding his / her residual carbon dioxide emissions via afforestation. The latter can be done by paying organisations like PrimaKlima for organising afforestation.

Appeal to assume responsibility for changing climate politics and for reducing one’s greenhouse gas emissions to a sustainable level

The Initiative „Klimaneutral handeln!“ („Acting climate-neutrally!“) is working for the realisation of the just described policy. It has launched an appeal to support this policy (Berliner Appell: Klimaneutral handeln!, which waits for further subscribers and practical supporters. (Text of the appeal: Download.) (Several German climate ethicists were involved in formulating this appeal.)